Wow. I was really about to have to drop the field study class and push graduation back again. But, I found a company, and we came to an agreement. A good company, nonetheless with a good idea. May 10th here I come!

In business, I met with my mentor today and he helped me to get some much-needed focus. I am but one person, with a million ideas. So its good to have someone who will look at you like you're crazy (because you are) and put you in check quick, fast, and in a hurry.

In other news, I think there might actually be a steady email conversation going on between me and Chirstmas-break-girl. Don't get your hopes up though, I'm not. I sent the sweet, romantic guy on vacation, not to be called back until I can be sure that his efforts are truly needed. Poor guy, I don't want to see him go through all that work and get his hopes up for nothing. I think his feelings were a bit hurt last time. So the business side is working full time now. Hopefully one day things will be so that they can co-exists, they are one in the same M, after all.


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