1st Week of School Update

Today is my 3rd 1st day of school for Spring 2008. I've been to all my classes except the big one, 4980. Everything is great, seems like its going to be a breeze. The field study thing didn't work out with J.B., but I think that will still be a great course (once I find my entre). The financial planning course is just in time for Centurion 2010. And geography... yeah. I got an easy teacher, so... its geography lol. Other than that though...

Job - One more interview to go with Firedog. I'm supposed to hear something back within the week. Looking forward to it if it happens. I'm sure Buckhead will be welcoming of a new friendly, neighborhood in-home technician.

Cars - I saw a Gallardo Spyder black yesterday, but didn't have time to snap a picture. Sorry.

Relationships - It's the Thursday after. Nothing else other than that, if that's anything =/

Computer - ...sigh. Soon.

Business - We've decided to add another show to the NMM launch schedule! Sorry there isn't any web presence, I don't have a computer. But yeah, thats going well.

M. - I'm feeling better after everything that happened over the break, and I'm glad to be back in school for the last semester. Money is coming together, and for the most part I'm starting off on the right foot. And... I'm 23! Happy Birthday to me!

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