The Last of the Hopeless Romantics: The Gift and the Curse

I wrote this one night sitting up in bed. Something that had been formulating around in my mind made it into words, so I felt I should share.

The Gift and the Curse of Being the Last of the Hopeless Romantics:
You can, with what seems to you like not much effort, make a girl feel at home, make her happy, melt her heart, if you will. Without trying. It's just who you are. It's a gift given by the gods, or perhaps inherited from another life. A birthright?
So what could be the curse to that? Try it. You'll see. It becomes blatantly obvious in practice. Because its the nature of romance to put yourself into courting someone, you fall hard and fast. What's wrong with that? She's happy and comfortable right? Exactly... and that's just not right. She starts taking steps back to avoid the shock of unfimiliarity. You're the last one remember? No one's seen you or your craft in a hundred years. Its too good to be true. So they back away. Further and further until *poof*, gone. and you don't get over it until the next best thing comes along. And they can be few and far between. You're the last one to have this gift, so you're picky about who you share it with. Such is the life of the Last of the Hopeless Romantics. One of patience, uncertainty, ecstatic highs, dreadful lows, and unexpected triumph. Try dating in my shoes. I dare you.


That's how I get when its late at night. Not much of those thought ever make it to pen, at least not public pen. I felt that should be out (1) because its a part of who I am and this blog is about me and (2) because I wanted to put it out there that we still exist. The good guys are still here ladies. The TRUE good guys. The ones who open doors, send flowers, leave roses in the middle of the city for you to find, bring you cough medicine, cook you dinner, help you study, and generally like to spend time with you outside of the bedroom.

I'm convinced that there are still good girls out there that like good guys. Eventually I'll end up courting one that wants to be courted...

..And you, the viewer, will be the first to know, play by play!!! ROFL.


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