ZOMG SoCon 08!

Last night and today were simply awesome. SoCon 08 was byfar the best conference I have ever been to. It was a great day for me, and for New M. I learned SO many new thing and met SO many great people. It was a forum that was very open to discussion and thought sharing, and I got a lot of great ideas on how to improve my blogging, and other forms of social media that are available for me to share all thats going on (Twitter, here I come!).
The sheer number of great minds that were there was simply astonishing. I was truly humbled, especially since I went in thinking I knew far more about social and new media than I actually did. The speakers and discussion leaders and even some participants were surely some (if not all) of the minds that shape and define this concept of new and social media. As soon as I can track them all down, I'll be adding their links in to my blog favorites, and I may be moving my blog as well.
New M has newfound fuel and insight on ways we can reach out to people in the form of new media. We're having some issues with production equipment - it seems we can't get it as freely as we thought we could from GSU, which is understandable. So, we may be looking at having to go get a little money, or if anyone has any Canon GL2 cameras or something better or comparable that we can borrow a couple days out of the week, as well as any other production equipment (mics, stands, light, etc.) let me know! :) But other than that the website should go up soon, and the show sites will soon follow. Success shouldnt be too far behind that :)

Stay tuned!

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