Fresh for 2008!

Happy (belated) New Year!
It's time for a fresh new year of fun and business and friends and life and stuff. Let's start with and update...

Computer - still dead...

School - starts Tuesday. There was a breakdown in communication with my entrepreneurship class, so that's still pending a decision. Its looking fairly favorable right now though. Fingers crossed, and praying on it.

Business - computer dying was a little hicup in getting the logos and websites designed, but business still goes on as planned and on schedule.

Realtionships - (aka the juicy part). Well, Thursday.Jan.03.08 got here. The 4th rose was sent with a very deep, introspective letter (perhaps too deep, too introspective, but whatever), to which there was a rather short and unrelated reply. Which means, I'm done. Done playing offense at least. I invested a lot of time and energy into the last 4 weeks and it's been fun, but it would seem the timing just isn't right, so I'm hanging back. School's coming up, NMM needs to get off the ground, money needs to be straight; so many things I need to focus time and energy on. It's disappointing, 'cuz she's a great girl and would have been great beside me as I go on this path of personal development and entrepreneurship, but hey what can you do? And like I said, I'm just not playing offense anymore, so once she gets herself setttled, who knows? She might get back in the game.

Job - Well, as I'm writing this, my interview that was supposed to happen tomorrow just got pushed back a week. That means I SO could have waited to get my hair done. I contacted my Delta lady today, busy as usual but I think she's working on it somewhere in there. Fingers crossed, and praying on it...

Cars - Jan.03.2008 was a cold day in Atlanta. And what better to do on a cold day than skate! Skate through the Marietta court system that is... Out of 3 tickets, only had to pay half of one. What could have been $405USD in tickets was only $76USD. Granted, one ticket I shouldn't haave had anyways.
Here's an important lesson for everyone though: if you get any kind of parking ticket, and the officer does not get your signature - DONT PAY IT, GO TO COURT. It will most likely get thrown out b/c with no sig, there's no proof you were driving. I was out of the courtroom in 5 minutes. (Thats my experience, and I dont know if thats universal for the nation, so don't go to court saying "M said in his blog, yall would let me go..." :P) In an unrelated matter, I locked my keys in the car when I got to the court building x_X.

So that's what's going on currently. My main focus right now is to get a new job, hopefully that will happen within the next 2 weeks. I need to get my computer back up and running so I can stay on top of things. I'm going hard at this last semester so I can graduate on May.10, and NMM is still slated to launch Feb.29.

So, all in all it's a completely fresh start for this new year. That slate is almost completely blank. And as promised, Centurion by 2010 did start on New years day. As that progresses, I will probably end up creating a separate blog and maybe even a webshow to track the progress.

2008, the year of the M. It's a movie! Follow along.


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