Downs and Ups...

Sorry its been so long. Ironically enough, the day after my termination, my computer died. Yes, died. Motherboard or processor went out. So it has to be rebuit. And seeing as how I have no job, it may be a few weeks before that gets done. Meanwhile, I've still got my mobile blogging and my roomie's computers to bring you the latest updates in the life of M.

That said, at the time of posting there are approximately 12 hours remaining until the clock starts ticking for that Centurion card in 2 years. We're starting completely fresh for 2008 - no job, not-so-good credit, little bit of money. It's gonna be fun :).

So yeah, my computer is gone, altering life as I know it because I have nothing to do and I kinda have to put business on hold. But there was some sunshine through the clouds this week: Romance...ermmm... Ladies.. no... yeah ladies 'll do... Ladies Update!

I actually got a hold of the girl on the phone. We talked, it was cool. (We've agreed to be pletonic for the time being until she shakes off her previous thing. Not sure if i mentioned that.) I was driving around and I saw one of my buddies and decided to go hang out with him at his place and eat, so I got off the phone with her. Well, low and behold no 2 bits into my McChicken she calls me back and asks if I want to go look at TVs with her. ?o? You can imagine the look of shock on my face... So we did that, ended up not getting a TV just yet (prices are gonna drop at least once more in 1Q next year... best to hold off if u dont wanna spend a lot of money.) Then we hung out at her car and talked for quite a bit and I offered to have her over for movies and she fed me my "We shall see" line and I cut my losses and we split. Fast forward later that night. I got on the phone with my Sweetest Taboo (Boondocks reference) - a female friend that I trust with everything and advises me. We were talking about the lil lady and low and behold, she txt me asking if I had food. Of course I have food, I'm an aspiring chef. Movies? Yep, got those too. 20 minutes later fajitas were done and she was at the crib. We watched Players Club (great movie, quite funny), and then we sat on the couch in the dark and talked til 3AM. Very good and introspective conversation about dreams and after-grad plans, etc. Now... heres the kicker: 3AM she pops up off the couch "Let's go get in the bed." x.X Again, you can imagine the look of shock on my face... luckily it was dark. So off to bed we went. Chatted for a bit more, I played in her hair, and we went to sleep. Cutest thing I ever woke up to ever. And she talks in her sleep. Woke up, made breakfast, talked with the roommates, and I sent her off into the day with a peach rose and a kiss.... progress was made.

Now, in afterthought, if I'm doing the math correctly and weighing the night, I won't have any contact with the chick for at least one week. That is, if things go the way they've gone in the past - which I have no reason to beleive they wont. But, even so I did invite her to spend new years under the stars and the fireworks with M himself...

We shall see, see shall we.

P.S. The parts to fix my computer cost $200. Send me money, $_$. ROFL.

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