What you want me to do, I'm sorry!? I'm back!

It's been a minute. That because I nixed the N75 for a different phone set, and since I originally started this to be a mobile photoblog things slowed down with the demise of the N75. (Well, its still alive, I just don't use it). Now I'm Tilt'ed (have been since 2 weeks before it came out), and life's going quite well, so I thought I return here and share.

The Tilt will now be my mo-blogging device of choice (once I get MMS working on it, stupid threaded messaging hack...). I will also be blogging like normal people do, just to kind of keep track of life as it goes. Its a movie! Follow along.

So here's the catch up:
School - I applied for graduation yesterday. It's official. May 10th. Spring 08 is my last semester.

Work - It was a routine day, moving phones across the counter. I got off early and went to see my mom. I get a phone call about a Delta person wanting me to call them. Turns out, it was a lady I talked to a few months back that was going to get me into being a flight attendant. "..Long story short, I got promoted to the interview council. You're in...," she said to me. Probably wont happen until after above mentioned graduation, but it's done. Look for me in the skies.

Romance - Thrill of the chase. In my search for a new after the former, I've found an interesting little one. She's cool and maybe more excited about business than I am. She's putting up one hell of a fight though. But finals is over and I'm going hard at it. If things go as they've been going in other aspects of my life, she'll be wearing the M by the end of the year. We'll see... more to come...

Bizziness - Well, my entrepreneurial role model has just confirmed that I will be interning exclusively with him in my last semester, and we're gonna go step by step thru starting an e-com business. I know, I know... Life just doesn't get much better... I said the same thing.
Also, I've connected with some people, and thrown some ideas around, and the production company is going to happen - 1Q 2008. Look for the links, follow the movie.

Cars - I still got my she-monster :) 2 expired tag tickets, which I'm praying to get thrown out, but other than that CoCoPoPo has been very cooperative. I've got my eye and heart set on the '08 M3, and it shall be mine. I promise.

M - I'm good. Happy with life, but thirsting for more. Companionship, money, cars, and knowledge. Centurion card in 2 years, the clock starts 12AM.Jan.01.2008. 2008 is the year of the M.

Like I said, its a movie! And it's brought to you by the letter "M"
Follow along. Ciao.

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