Ask the right questions... - Romance update

I need to think of another title than "romance." It sounds so old fasioned. Maybe I'll just call it ladies. Princesses is fitting too, since i am searching for the new after the former. I'll figure out, anyways.

Lesson learned: communication is much easier than self-inflicted frustration. Instead of thinking up a million crazy reasons why the chick isnt talking to me, ask her. (Granted, this could also go the other way around, where the chick herself could just say what she's up to). So, the answer? What it's always been. Just got out of a relationship, not trying to jump into another one, which I can certainly respect. She already told me she like likes me, so I have nothing to worry about. Just sit back, be a friend (maybe, hopefully a little more), remind her whats waiting for her, and shell take it when shes good and ready. I aint greedy, I can live with that.


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