When it all falls down...

Hmm... My faith is being tested, it seems. My internship class with Jim - the one where I'm supposed to learn from the best, polish my entre skills right before I get out of college, get a nice little jump on being a millionaire - yeah Georgia State University doesnt seem to think thats a good idea. Cancelled. But worry not, this shan't be the last they hear from me on that issue. I plan to fight this one tooth and nail.

And, remeber that awesome night I had with the girl? Yeah, didnt hear from her all week. Naturally being me, I worried (for her safety and well being, not whether she likes me). So I finally get in touch with her thru FB and shes been "just chillin," as if nothings wrong. I've yet to understand why dating has to be so complicated, and I'm wary that there are many more quandries to come. But I'm dedicated. I promised I'd try my best all the way to Jan. 1, and thats what I shall do.

We shall see, see shall we.

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