One Week in Love

So, as I'm sitting here on the phone with the High Lady, finally catching her up on all the goodness that's going on, I'm also counting down the hours until 2:56 AM - which will mark the First Lady (aka Inimitable Lady, I'll explain in a sec) and I's 1-week anniversary. :)

And what a great week it's been. We've talked and talked and talked and shared with each other almost every night. She's awesome. She's just plain awesome. I love her. She's so cute, and she's very honest and open and candid. When I said my goodbyes to PlentyofFish, where I met her, I was looking over my profile and reading the things that I was looking for in a woman. As I was going down, I was thinking of her, and just checking things off. She's everything I could have hoped for and more. I wanted a down girl who would be there by my side and grow with me. And that's exactly what she is. She's so supportive with everything, including New M. She's helping me pick logos for DRC right now :) The best I tell you, the best.

On another note, because of some conversation we've been having, and of course from talking to the High Lady just now, I got to thinking and re-evaluating some things about the two of them. First Lady's already told me that she gets me and High Lady's friendship and accepts it and accepts her (which is a good thing, no drama between the two of them). But I was thinking about the High Lady and myself, wondering if I was really over her and ready to move on. I've been over her for a while now, since we were back friends. But now that someone is here, ascending their way to what was once hers, am I really past those 10 years...?


The First Lady brought forth feelings that I never really knew I even had. Well, I knew they existed somewhere, but I wasn't sure if they'd ever get awakened, so to speak. I've never been as happy as last week when she told me she loved me. And we fit each other so well, it's great. No offense to the High Lady, of course, because she was my first true love and she set a standard for the next Princess for sure. But what I'm saying is the First Lady is... well... the first lady to ever reach that bar, and she continues to surpass it. And I don't think she will stop until she reaches the crown. And when she does, I will gladly put it on her, without restraint.

It makes me really happy to know that I can do all this with the High Lady's best wishes, and when I crown my next and forever Princess, the High Lady will surely be present with well wishes for me and my new love. I'm sure of it. And I really hope and pray that I can someday see her crowned again by someone else who will treat her as a Princess deserves to be treated. She has really been and will always be a true friend to me, through thick and thin, no matter what. And in that light, only in that light, I love her very dearly.

And now, it's time to begin a new chapter in this movie that is my life. With the First Lady at my side, I can to build a dynasty to rule over, and a castle to live in. There's a whole world in front of me. And with her, I plan to take all I can of it.

Stay tuned... it only gets better...


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