Casting is closed!..... Finally!

You've been waiting for it. I've definitely been waiting for it.

Yep! That's right! You guessed it! Casting for the female lead in this movie is now closed. I've reviewed the credentials of this particular candidate and we've finally got to see what she's like on-screen. And let me tell you, I'm very confident in this one. First off, she's gorgeous. Anytime she's on-camera, she just has an energy that lights up the screen. She's given nothing but stellar performances in every role thus far, and I'm suspecting that that won't stop anytime soon. She plays very well on camera and has no problem adding her own spice and flare to a scene. She's far more than I could have ever expected this soon in.

"Details, details!," you say?

Well, after a few months of talking and "missed connections (lol)" me and Bun finally met up for our first date. After a bit of planning we decided on bowling and @ about 8:15 Friday night I headed out to the No-street-light County where she lives. We were scheduled to leave @ 9, and I was late, due to navigation problems. Now what is it with women that no matter how much time they have, they always need "5 minutes."?? Whatever, it was well worth the drive and the wait, as I would soon find out. She finally came down and I put my bag n stuff in her back seat and got in to her car. She was wearing my favorite color, which looked great on her, and from what I could tell in the car lighting she was pretty. After a stop at the bank we made out way to the bowling alley and had some good smalltalk in between. I was very pleased to find out she drives much like I do, and the way she handles her car is quite sexy. I also noticed the music she was listening to, and breathed a slight sigh of relief, as I was slightly worried about her being too conservative for me. Stick a pin in that, we're coming back to it.

We got to the bowling alley and got all set up. I should have checked my email for coupons, cuz I forgot how expensive bowling is when you're not at your home alley. Anyway we got settled in, and I finally got to get a full body, full light, of what this girl looks like. Pictures do her justice, dont get me wrong, but in real life, this girl is absolutely stunning. Especially her face. Her hair is about shoulder length and has a great color with highlights that match her skin tone perfectly. She has radiant smile, and the kind of lips that look luscious even without gloss. Seeing her in person also gave me chance to really see the Filipina in her. You can really see it in her eyes and her nose. Her eyes are seductive, all the time, no matter what face she's making. As far as her body, nice. She wears loose clothes (except her jeans) so I couldn't really get a good read on my favorite part of the female anatomy. However, it was a joy to watch her bowl... she's got nice form. :) And I also noticed that she had very smooth-looking legs. Stick a pin in that we're coming back to it.

So after a very competitive game of bowling that I lost 2-1 (she thinks she lost b/c she never broke 100 and I won the last game), we decided to head back. On the way, she asked me if I'd be coming in, and I said yes. So when we got back, we went in the house and sat down and played with the dog a bit. She fixed me a glass of water and we started watching TV. After a while, she went and changed into a tee and some basketball shorts. Again, loose shirt, couldn't get a clear read. But I would soon find something else to occupy my time. I was playing around in her hair, and then the dog came and parked his head on the opposite side of me. So she reaches her foot over me to kick him away, and I see this girl's leg sitting in my lap. I'm not a leg guy. Not at all. But this girl's legs just looked like... I don't even know, but eventually I had her lay with both her legs across my lap and I started running my hands over them. It was like running your hands over solid cream. It was so smooth, in all directions. She's a walking advertisment for whatever razor she uses. And they were thick, yet firm and athletic. It was like nothing I had seen or touched before. I know I must have rubbed this girls legs for like an hour. Not that she wasn't enjoying it, because she was. And the way she says thank you after I've given her a compilment, the way she says it is such a turn-on. Ah, that's another thing. She's from a lot of different places, so she doesn't have any one accent. She says a lot of different words different ways depending on the mood. Very cute. Anyways so after a while, she decided to move over to the sofa with me. So I went over and got into position and she layed on top of me back to me. We chilled like that for a bit, and I discovered that her whole body is smooth. So after a while she took the back cushion off the couch to give her more room and she lay down next to me with her head on my shoulder like she was going to sleep. She's very nice to hold in any position. She's not super-skinny, nor is she fat so she has curves and her body is very soft. So I was just rubbing her arms and she layed there enjoying the smell of my cologne (Obsession Night was a good choice after all), when she did something that raised my eyebrow a bit. I has told her about this in an earlier phone conversation, so maybe she was calling my bluff, but as she lay there next to me in my arms, she asked me in the softest, sweetest voice to run my fingers through her hair. I smirked on the inside. I'm fond of running my fingers through hair, and not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good at it. So okay, I decided to have some fun. (Take notes). So I started off with just a casual run, not touching her head at all. As if I was just trying to detangle it. Then, a sweeping cascading motion maybe grazing the scalp by accident. On a side note, earlier I was playing with her hair on the other couch and brushed my fingertips and her hair along her neckline and she jumped away from me and started shivering... yeah... So next we get into the scalp. Brush from the front and wrap around the back, brush off at the nape behind the ear... this is a huge tease and good prep for the next one. The next brush is a technical one because it involves using different finger for different things. Start brushing lightly through, close to the ear. As you wrap around, get the finger closest to the ear and just lightly touch the top of the ear as you brush around to the back of her neck. Brush off, but not as quickly as last time. Slow down, so she can savor it, and then lift directly off. Keep doing this, each time moving your ear finger and little bit further behind the ear, until your brushing the part where the ear meets the head. Now, her face will be dead giveaway by this point if you're doing this right. But sometime you can't see her face (I don't even like to look). Pay attention to her breathing and her entire body. Her breaths should be relaxed but erratic, from the gasping. Her shoulder should tense up - when this happens make the brush a bit firmer until they relax a bit. She may also be rubbing her thighs against each other (or you, depedning on how shes laying) and her feet will playing footsie with each other. At this point, you can now do a variety of things, and she probably wont mind any of them, if you've played right up to this point. I decided to stay in the hair with a finishing brush. Similar to the last one, lightly touching the ear as we go around, but in the back of her neck we stop and make a firm circle or two, and then wrap all the way down and brush out lightly on the neck (from earlier, yep). Poor thing didn't know what to do with herself. After a couple times doing that, she threw in the towel and sat up to catch her breath and gain her composure. So she laid back down after a bit and was still talking to be about it, and I looked down and noticed that her neck was open. I belw on it and she jumped up and said she was going over to the other couch. It was so cute. But... before she went there she tried me. Tried me very hard, too. I like the way she plays. Very similar to my style and loads of fun. As she was going over me to get off the couch she stopped in the middle of her move and was sitting on top of me cowgirl, though she tried to not make it obvious because she kind of froze her self mid-move and her upper body was still to the side. I looked at her in a way to acknowledge her trying me, and she resumed her climb. It was so funny, yet so sexy at the same time. We both were playing our own little hard flirting games and having fun doing it. I had already said I wasn't going to go all the way there with her on the first date, but the way things were going it could have very well happened. She tested me one final time before I decided that it was super-late and I should head out before I fall alseep there and her people get back in from their vaca. So I admitted defeat to her little test, and she told me I sucked (lol, in a playful way) and she walked me out. She came down to my car and I started it up and got back out and we stood there. She asked me about this little moment the night after when were having our postgame about the night (which was something else I like about her). I stood there with her and we hugged for a good little bit and when we pulled away, I was running though my mind if I shoud kiss her or not. I'm really suprised I didn't, as sleepy and incoherant as I was. But before I had the change to think about it too much she grabbed my face and kissed me right on my cheek. I was too tired to be shocked at this point, but it did wake me up a little bit. She just kind of took it, too. In afterthought: I was slightly disappointed in myself because I should have just kissed her, but sort of turned on because she kind of stole that one from me. She's got some fight in her... and I like that. :D (Batman). It won't happen again though. The first date is over, and she's had her best-girl-friend-tell-me-everything consultation and come up with her game plan, so now I have to be serious.

I'm SO looking forward to this. I've never had one with this much energy and that plays this well. I enjoy her and she enjoys me, just as we are. She's smart and makes great conversation. She's a good girl and a bad girl at the same time and has mastered command over them both. She's a proper lady when the time calls, and sweet enough to bring home to the folks. Though, I'm curious to see how far her bad girl side goes, because I get the feeling I only got the tip of the iceberg. She thinks she's yet to see my true colors. She has seen them, just not ALL of them. Theres a couple more hues in the crayon box that don't get used very often. I think she might be the first to see them in a long time. I thought that she was super-conservative and I was wrong about that. HOW wrong remains to be seen :) But with us both wearing our war paint and game faces, the next scenes in this movie should be VERY interesting.

Ah, and I've been named "The Professional", after the movie. Honored by this, I'm changing the name again, from "Bun" to "The Lead Actress." She's making leaps and bounds, huh?

Stay tuned...


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