One Month and Lovin' It (and her)!

Okay, its been a while, yes. I've been busy, so I haven't had a chance to blog. And theres a lot to blog about - between the car, work, business, and love, it's a lot to write about when ur busy.

But anyways, yesterday was the First Lady and I's one-month anniversary, so I figured now would be a good time to go ahead and write about us.

So let's see, what first... Aha! The second date.
So yeah, she decided on ice cream and then a trip to the park to play on the playground... I know, right? The playground? Just wait...
Now it just so happened that mom was out of town so I took her car in lieu of mine being broken down and headed on out to the Lady's house. I called her when I got there and she wasn't ready so I waited in the car for a bit, listening to my new mix CD I had just burned. Then... it happened. I lost my breath, started sweating, felling lightheaded, and a tad natious. I'm sitting in my car like WTF? Not now. WTF is this? Then it hit me - panic attack. Ugh. I'm not sure why but yep I was having a panic attack. She called me and invited me in the house b/c she was taking so long and I went in. Sat on the couch in her basement while she walked around getting ready. All the while drinking Vitamin Water like it was going out of style and trying to calm down. So she got ready, I got a glass of water, sucked it up, and we left. We went up to the Brusters and got her some ice cream (I was clearly in no condition for it) and sat down. She asked me what was wrong (its hard to hide a panic attack - you feel like trash) and so, I told her. We talked about it for a second, and I was like I'll be fine in a little bit. And she was cool. She ate her ice cream and I pulled myself together somewhat. So then we headed off to the park. I chewed some gum during the drive, which appeared to be the thing to make me feel better.

So we get to this big huge park (not the little one I thought we were going to that I passed on the way to her house). And go over to the playground, and she's like "lets take a walk til the kids are gone." Love it. Needed the fresh air and there was a nice big lake to walk around. And it was kinda dusky so it was very romantic too :) So we walked and hugged and held hands all the way around the lake. We joked and laughed a lot. She's got a great sense of humor, and for some reason think I'm funny... /shrug lol. And I love her smile. So one lap around the lake and it was still kinda light out and some kids were still there so we parked ourselves on a bench and did some overdue cuddling. Good stuff. We talked and joked some more and then I got to rub her legs again (they're super firm and super-smooth, remember?) while we talked. So after a while the kids were all gone and we went to the playground and commenced to... playing. No for real, like climbing, jumping, swinging, sliding, playing. And you know what? It was so much fun lol. I'm a big kid anyway but I was kinda questioning the playground as a date. Never again. If you haven't been, you need to get on the train.

So after playing and flirting and laughing and talking and joking she was looking for a good place on the playground to just chill. Well this jungle gym was one of those that had the little bridge that connects the two towers, so I was like let's go lay over there, and she followed. So I laid down and she laid down next to me and I held her and we looked at stars. It felt soooo good to have her that close to me. Oddly enough, the bridge was a lot more comfortable than I thought too. So after a while she turned over on her stomach (which is how she sleeps) and laid her head down on my chest. She was sooo cute lying there, and every time a car would drive by she would pop her head up and look at it drive by, like a little kitten. It was so cute. So at this point, what's going through my mind is "Now, how are we gonna work this kiss in?" And I thought about it and thought about it while we were laying there talking. Then, a car came by. And like clockwork she popped her head up to look. "Psssst." She looked down at me. Done. And she's a great kisser too :) Oh, and she's the first girl I've kissed with a tongue ring. And that's a lot of fun. It's like a little target - a minigame to play during the real the thing lol. So yeah, we laid there on that bridge and talked and made out for a good bit, and then she wanted to roam around the playground some more, so we did. Except this time we kissed each other at every turn lol.

So, I took her back home, and we sat there in front of her house. I asked her if she had a good time... she put her hand on the side of my face and turned my head to her, eye to eye, and thanked me for such a great time and told me she loved me and kissed me. It was great. She really does know how to make a guy feel appreciated, lol. I watched her in the house and left.
I called her when I got home and we talked about the date like we weren't the ones who went on it. It was so cool because she was so open about every little detail, and I love that openness.

Next, the block party.
Okay, so she had been planning this big block party for the youth at her church for a while now, and I ended up being in charge of grilling. I bought hamburger and hot dogs and my apron and spices. I wont go into all the nuances of the block party, but I'll say that it was super-fun, and all of her church ppl are very cool and friendly. I met her sister and brother, and they were super-cool. I also had a brief exchange with her mom, who made a joke that totally flew over my head lol. And the guests that came had good messages and good performances. So afterwards I helped her pack everything up and take it back to the church, where her car was also parked.
So we decided to go and get some ice cream at the same Brusters. I let her take point, since she knew how to get back to her side of town. And when I pulled my car up next to hers, I caught a glimpse of something that I thought surely was just my mind playing tricks on me. I rolled down my window and asked her to show me her hands. She wouldn't do it and kept acting like she didn't know what I was talking about, which confirmed what I had seen. So I watched her drive off and sure enough, there they were... driving gloves.

Pause the scene. For those who don't know me, I like cars. I like driving. I like women. I like women who drive. And I don't mean commute drive, I mean Dannica Patrick drive. Now I knew that the First Lady was into cars and racing, and she told me she was a different driver when she was driving alone, but driving gloves? Black and light blue driving gloves? People, you are now looking at a man who is totally smitten over a woman.

Play. So she pulled off, and the chase ensued. Oh BTW, Shiro is fixed and purring like a kitten... all 6 cylinders. Yessir. This girl drives. Hard. Not that I was struggling to keep up mind you (except when she totally blew thru a yellow). I pulled up next to her at some lights and she was paying no attention to me at all. She was blasting music fixing her hair in the mirror. Green light - hands on the wheel and she's into it. I love it. Love, love, love it. She's minus a few rules of the road.. like signaling, for instance, but she can handle a car.

So after quite a fun chase we arrived a Brusters and ordred our ice cream and sat across from each other on a bench. I made a joke about her having full length jeans on (she usually cuffs them) so I couldn't get to her legs to rub them. (Let me take this moment to remind you that I'm not a leg guy, which is testament to how amazing hers are). She replied "They're right there I don't know what you're talking about." She was trying me. Not only that thought, but she then proceeded to explain how SHE even thought they were EXTRA smooth today and she had to spend extra time putting lotion on them because they felt just that good. ... Tried, okay. Teased, certainly not. I rolled her jeans up a bit and slid my hand up the leg (that sounds so super sexual, it really wasn't like that... we're talking ankle to calf here) and Z O M G, she was not joking. It was smoother than the ice cream I was eating. So smooth that I got it confused with ice cream I was eating and wanted to eat it instead. She was laughing at my reaction and I sat there and rubbed it for a good little while. Then I relocated us to a bench behind Brusters in front of our cars where we sat, talked, made out, joked, laughed, made out, and then we decided to take pictures. That was super fun and super cute. We took a lot of good pictures, most of which are posted on my FB and MS. So after that we parted ways. Of course I called her when I got home and we talked into the wee hours of the morning.

So yeah, its been a great month. I don't get to see her as much as I want to because of her schedule constraints and my car being broken most of the past month. But I do talk to her a lot and when I do see her, it's pure bliss.

Stay tuned people. There's a lot of stuff going on. Tetris blocks are looming overhead, trying to fall into place.

Love you, Bunny.


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