You won't believe this. I know you won't because I'm still having trouble wrapping MY head around it.

I was on the phone with my Lead Actress last night and we talked for a while and made had some great conversation about sexy music and other stuff. While I was talking to her though, she hinted that she wanted to say something, but she wasn't sure she wanted to say it. I told her to take her time and just say whatever it was when she was ready. We continued our conversation until about 2:45am and exchanged our goodnights and got off the phone.

I got up to go put my headset on its dock, and I was walking across the room, I thought about what it could have been that she wanted to say. I had a pretty good idea, but I wasn't sure 100%. So I laid back down in bed, rolled over, and started off to sleep. About 2 minutes later, at precisely 2:51AM, my phone rang. I smiled. I rolled over to look @ the callerID, and there was that gorgeous picture of my Lead Actress. I answered. Her night voice is so sexy and seductive and relaxing. She went on to say that she felt like she was ready to tell me what she wanted to tell me. I rolled back over to get comfortable.

"Okay... ready?"


"Okay... here goes..." ...*deep breath*... "I love you."

I think I may have literally been glowing. I couldn't get the smile off my face, and my heart just melted. I laughed lightly, and said "I love you, too."

We went on for another 45 minutes back and forth. Every time she said it, I was just laughing with happiness. Both of us were like 2 high school girls who had just met their favorite pop star. It's official. She gave me permission to use the "b-a-b-y word" with her, which is apparently a big deal. And she used it with me. She commented that previous SOs had commented about the way she says it... and let me just affirm that whoever those gentlemen are, they're right. Absolutely right. The way "I love you, baby." rolls out of her mouth is soooooo seductive, it sound like the first time every time you hear it. I haven't been that happy since I can remember. When I got off the phone, I was literally rolling around in my bed laughing. I've never been so happy that I just laughed like that. This girl is bringing about lots of new feelings and emotions I've never known before... She's truly special, and definitely the hottest thing goin - now, and forever.

So yeah, just like that, my Lead Actress has just given me exclusivity. She's mine and all mine, and I'm all hers. And I've got no reason to doubt that this one will be the next and last to wear the crown. Until then, she is the Inimatable Lady of my Court, uncontested and unrivaled by any other.

Leaps and bounds people, we're making leaps and bounds.

Told ya it was gonna get interesting :)

Stay tuned, it only get's better from here...


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