VA Roadtrip - Sunday

What a time! So Sunday I woke up and finally got mom up out of the bed. After stirring around for a bit, we decided to go see her best friend from way back, since she was right up the street from Grampa's house. So we got to her house and man-oh-man. ./fadeway BALLIN! You know me - sucker for houses and cars. Nice-size corner-lot house and a BMW, Hummer, and a Benz in the driveway. My first question was "What is SHE doing!?" So her and mom saw each other and went back to middle school for like 5 minutes, screaming and hugging at each other. But it was good to see her though, I can't even remember the last time I saw her. She still looked the exact same and has the same voice and accent. Shoot if that BMW didn't belong to her man, I might try to wife her :) lol j/k. So we chilled there for a bit and talked and hung out. It really was a good time seeing her again.

So me and mom decided it was time to go get something to eat, since it was pretty late in the day and we hadn't eaten. We decided on IHOP and headed to the nearest one. So we go there, got a table, and ordered our food. We started talking and literally 6 minutes later, here come our food. I was like WTF? I always have a Belgian waffle and had particularly been craving one today. So I ordered that along with the smokehouse combo which includes sausage, eggs, and hash browns. Mom ordered the same except with some kind of healthy pancakes. So both our sausage was not done, the has browns were raw, my waffle was completely destroyed (how do u mess up a waffle!?), and moms pancakes were not cooked all the way through. Nothing was cook, except (maybe) the eggs. So of course, we asked politely for them to take it back and bring us new food. Honestly if I was the waitress, I wouldn't have even bought the food out like that. I wish I had taken a picture - it was disgraceful. So the food goes back and mom and I start talking again. She looks up and directs my attention to a waitress @ the food window eating sausage off a plate and licking her fingers clean. She was shortly after joined by one of her co-workers. Strike 2. So a few minutes later our food comes back. Wow. Why is there a chunk out of my sausage? Why is there a cut in my moms sausage? Why are my eggs brown? Oh! Because this is the SAME food thats been thrown back on the grill and then mixed up when brought back!!! Can you believe that? I mean seriously... We spoke to the manager and left for my aunt's house. I dropped mom off there and called up my bestest friends to see if they were ready to meet up. My little cousin wanted to tag along so we headed over to the good ol' west end. I got there and knocked on the door. The nostalgic bark of Demi was gone (rest her soul... she was a good dog), but Mama McCarthy answered the door and wow! She cut her hair. I never thought I'd see the day. Other than that though, everything was the exact same. I got in and there was Erin. I was so happy to see her, because it's been such a long time since I last saw her. She's quite the little hottie lol, with the same red hair, and a sexy little raspy voice :) So we chilled and talked and caught up. And as I sat in the living room - I noticed everything was in the exact same place as it's always been. The same TV, same stack of VHS tapes, same lamp, same everything. It was soooo crazy. Then I noticed this beautifully airbrush acoustic guitar, and it dawned on me - they ALL play guitar. Erin's a singer/songwriter now, just like her mom, so that masterfully painted guitar was a birthday present to her from her mom. Pat got there and it was a good 2 hours of reminiscing after that :) It was so great to see all of them. When I finally learn to play guitar, Erin's gonna come down to ATL and play with me in Lil Five lol. So I dropped my little cousin off @ work and headed north for Stafford, to my Dad's house.

So I got there, and had dad look @ Shiro, cuz I didn't think she was doing so good on the road the whole trip. So we were all into it, and all of a sudden the light we were using went off, and so did the driveway light. A few minutes later, my youngest brother comes out of the house to tell us all the lights just went out. And this started a classic scene of suburban American neighborhoods:
A few houses down on the other side of the street a guy comes out of his house, and the guy nextdoor to him comes house. The first guy yells "Yall's power go out!?" "Yep!," replies the neighbor. The lady across the street on the corner from dad come out on her deck and yells down the street to the two guys "Ya'll got power!?" "Nope," they reply. Says the lady: "And I was just trying to toast a bagel!" "Oh so its YOUR fault then!," one of the neighbors replies, jokingly. Yuk-yuk-yuk - they all laugh it up. I was just smiling at the spectacle. My dad made it down to the end of the driveway and joined the conversation. "Looks like the power's out," he says to all the neighbors. Another guy come out from his house just as dad says that: "Yep, I was microwaving popcorn, and all-a-sudden the lights went out!" Dad joins in on the jokes: "Oh, so you're the reason the power went out!" "Guilty," the guy replies. Ha-ha-ha; they all laugh it up. It was so great. I was cracking up on the inside. The kind of stuff you only see in the movies. I can't wait lol. My stepmom came back eventually with ice cream, and within the hour there was a soccor game going under carlight, and the ice cream was being served out of the back of my oldest little brother's SUV. Someone even came around and was like "We just came back from buying illegal fireworks, you guys wanna light some off?" I'm like seriously!? How coincidental can you get!? Oh and I met my little sister's boyfriend. I was gonna deck him, just to get him in line - then I found out he's a BMW guy; drives a 5 series. I couldn't deck an upstanding young fellow like him :) And they seem to to get along well. My sister's probably more the antagonist anyway, lol.

So after that was all said and done, we ate dinner in the house and played some Boggle, then headed to bed. The power came back on right around midnight. Shortly after, bed.

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