Pre Roadtrip Update

Why hello everyone!

So Friday I'm roadtripping back to VA for a few days. Just wanted to update on M-life before I set out.

School: What school!? HA! j/k... I've officially graduated (I checked my grades) AND I passed my field study class with a B!! $1000 scholarship FTW!!!

Cars: Shiro is fixed and insured, and hopefully ready to take the trek to VA and back. With gas prices soaring, I'm starting to rething the M3... but I want it SO BAD! May get a 1-series until we get this whole fossil fuel thing under control.

Romance/Relationships: Me and the Fillipina are still talking :) She likes me :) She plays video games and shops at EB :) First date is slated for Incredible Hulk release day, though she will not confirm the date. I'm a little wary due to that, and the fact that it's Friday 13... not to say that im superstitious, but sometimes u just dont wanna chance stuff, ya know? Anyways I can't wait to finally hook up with this girl in the physical world. She makes great conversation and did I mention she is drop-dead gorgeous? Cute personality too :)

Friends: Well, all my friends that went poof during the whole Drama Queen Fiasco are now my friends again, including the Drama Queen (only apparently she's not a Drama Queen anymore, so I guess I'll have to come up with another name for her... hmmm MySpace Girl is fitting seeing as thats where we met and never made it past there... so yeah MySpace Girl, though I doubt she'll be mentioned again). Also, one of my friends form high school in VA has moved to Atlanta! And apparently he's still quite prolific and plays WoW (which truly speaks to the addicting power of WoW - this guy def. didn't strike me as the WoW type). But yeah he's here, trying to do it big and claim his little piece of the American Dream like we all are.

Ah, and the First Lady of our little band of thugs (the first cool girl we met in college and invited into our inner circle), Roses has finally had her baby! Isabella "Izzy" Theodore is the little one's name, and we welcome her to this world with much love and blessings. I'll post a pic if I can get one.

M: I'm getting my head above water again, financially speaking, and hopefully I won't sink again. Hopefully I can get on dry land and stay there, maybe build a house out of hundred-dollar bills.... But all is well in the world of M. Life after undergrad is eh. I'm trying to become a teacher here in GA, which is harder than one would think... But I'll do a separate post about that.

My roadtrip to VA should be fun. I talked to my two first best friends in the whole wide world and we're gonna get together and hang out, which I'm really looking forward to. Now that me and the High Lady are on good terms, I'll surely be hanging out with her. And It's my Granny's birthday so I'll enjoy that :) The following weekend is my little bro's graduation from high school, which I'm going to miss b/c I have to be back in GA for work, unfortunately. I really wanted to go, especially since they all came down for my graduation.

And, if all goes well, I'll be heading to Japan two week after I get back! ./fingers crossed!


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