My Trip Back To VA - Friday and Saturday

Hey all,

It's been a bit. So I went to VA, and it was quite a trip. It almost didn't happen though...

Friday morning was supposed to be smooth sailing; had it all planned out. Downtown to get paycheck and back by 9:30. hair @ 10, out @ 1:30. So I get downtown and GSU has miraculously deposited my paycheck into someone else's account! Brilliant! Especially considering I don't have direct deposit. That threw my whole morning off. Of course, politics and red tape wouldnt allow them to just cut me a check and so I waited to see if they would get it resolved. Needless to say my hair appointment got canceled. No dreads. Ugh...

But we eventually got on the road to North Carolina. I was a little worried about Shiro, but she got us there, and with good gas mileage to boot! Since we left so late, I decided to stay in North Carolina with mom and leave in the morning for VA. Mom convinced me
to stay in NC until she was done with my little cousin's graduation (I couldn't go because since I wasn't planning on going, I didn't bring proper attire) and take her with me to VA so she could attend my Granny's 80th birthday party, which I thought was a rather optimal solution. I got to see a lot of family on my mom's side that I hadn't seen in a while and give my little cousin some good off-to-college advice. Good kid, he's got a full ride to study architectural engineering by the Air Force. So anyway we took some BBQ to go, and mom and I headed off to VA with a prayer. Oh, forgot to mention - I got $200 in graduation money! God will certainly make a way, huh?

We got to VA just a little late, but still in good time. Granny's birthday party was more like a family reunion. They had T-Shirt's and everything. And of course, everybody in Richmond was there; and of course, they were all related to me somehow ???? I don't think I'll ever understand the family tree. My stepmom seems to have a pretty firm grasp of it though. So she was helping me out with the people who were congratulating me on graduation and saying they hadn't seen me in a long time (I don't remember seeing them EVER, but hey - whatever lol).

Anyways it was a very nice event. Afterwards I called up the High Lady and arranged our usual movie date. I took mom to Grampa's house and got myself cleaned up, then I headed for the High Lady. She was beautiful as usual, but I found myself a little less concerned with that than normal - probably something to do with Filippina (for another post). We went to see Kung Fu Panda, which turned out to be an AWESOME movie! I wasn't looking forward to it at all, other than spending time with the High Lady. But it was funny, and the action was off the chain. Great movie for all ages. So after the movie was over, and I was waiting on the High Lady to go to the bathroom, I decided to call Filipina. I had txted her when the movie started to tell her I was in the movies and I'd call her when I got out. She answered the phone sounding sleepy. When I commented on it and asked why she was still up, she replied "...'cuz I was waiting for you..." Melted my heart... adorable :)

So I took the High Lady back home and exchanged pleasantries and stuff and went back to grampa's house. It took me FIFTEEN minutes to wake mom up to let me in the house lol. I was a little irate, cuz even @ 1AM it was hot as all outdoors in VA.


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