Pre-Update Update

Hey all,

I know it's been a while... but I've been going through some stuff. Anyways, basically it was all financial - bills need to be paid, car broke down, in between jobs, lots of stuff...

With all that, and trying to graduate I was pretty stressed out and hot a lot to deal with. But I'm back, and I have a lot of updating to do, so lets get to it.

My car:
Shiro broke down about 2 weeks ago. The last day of class before finals to be exact. I was on my way to school and as soon as I got on the highway it overheated. So I pulled off to Goodyear and they looked at it and said it was a 300-some-odd dollar fix to my thermostat. I didnt have it so I brought Shiro back to the apartment and there she sits. The guy that worked on my car (not the shop mgr, who gave me the estimate) said that he had bled the system and it was fine to drive home. I've driven it twice since then (no highway or major driving though) and she's been fine. I'm gonna have my mechanic look at it and fix it though anyway, since he says 200$ will do the job. Then theres the matter of getting her insured again... x_X

My job:
Well I'm happy to say I'm back at the GSU Library working with the awesome web team there on a special project for special collections. It's a temp assignment though June that could turn into something longer, or perhaps even (semi)permanent. It pays well, so here's hoping x..(-.-)..x

My efforts in trying to teach high school are bearing no fruit as of this moment.

I'm gonna contact Delta lady one more time, just for kicks - just to see if she'll actually respond.

Well, it sort of seems that one girl in particular is taking a shine to me (wow... I sounded like I was 40 just then lol). But anyways she's a beautiful little Filipina, very smart, funny, and California cool :). She made speed dial 2, so I'd venture to guess I'll be mentioning her again - so we'll call her Filipina, for now. Stay tuned.

Well me and my friend who had a falling out around the same time as the whole Drama Queen thing are back friends, I guess.

The High Lady and I... well you already know that story. We're back friends. Nothing more than that.

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