The day before graduation day!

I graduate tomorrow! Be sure and read the pre-update update before this posts so you can be caught up on all thats going on.

Family came into town, the ceremony was really nice, everything was great. My Aunt Debbie flew in from Cali with her husband and kids - I'm so glad they came because I haven't seen her in so long. Pretty much everyone from my dad's side came down. And thankfully, the High Lady came (more on that later).

Friday morning was super busy. I got up early and went to pick mom's car up (mine is still broken down :( ). Had to go downtown to pick up my cap and gown and turn in my papers to get paid at my new job @ the library. Once that was done, mom and I went shopping @ Costco then Kroger. Mom acted like she had never been to a Costco before and so she was running around sampling everything and taking forever. This is the same mother, mind you, that woke me up @ 9a that morning talking about we had things to do and I needed to get moving. =/

While we were in Kroger though, an interesting thing happened. Dad and the High Lady were using me as a switchboard earlier that morning to arrange High Lady being picked up. Being that I was quite sleepy when they were calling, I made a mistake and dialed speed-dial 2 on my phone, which is reserved for the important girl in my life - Filipina. I thought I hung up before the call went through so I thought nothing of it. Well, as I was walking into Kroger, she called me.... to check on me and make sure nothing was wrong since I called her so early. Really? Wow. Brownie points for her (and me, since I had to explain to her the whole speed-dial 2 thing) =)

So after Kroger we went back to Moms house and I passed out in the living room floor, until it was time to go get my hair done. So I asked my stylist while I was there if she knew anyone who could do dreads, and she said she could, and I even got to see some that she had done, and they looked great! And she said she'd only charge me 80 bucks to lock 'em! SWEET. I have an appointment in 2 weeks :)

Left and picked up my little sister, and shortly after the family started rolling in. Mom needed me to go back to the store, so I took the High Lady with me and we went shopping. Brought everything back and shortly after took the High Lady and my little cousin back to the apartment. Somehow, it happened that EVERYONE was over that night. We mingled for a bit, then the High Lady got sleepy so I put her to bed and went back out to hang with the boys for a while. We had our usual mix of video games and banter, and I retired early, knowing I had to get up in the morning and graduate from college =)

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