Graduation Day!!!

Graduation Day. May 10th, 2008.... Wow. So crazy....

Up bright and early getting everyone ready to head over to mom's house and convoy out. When we got to moms house, apparently no one there wanted breakfast so she didn't make any. So me, High Lady, and mom got busy on that. Waffles, eggs, bacon, and applesauce :). Good stuff.

Got everyone dressed and organized and headed for the Dome.
Thanks Charma for the good directions!

So we got there and got everyone parked and organized and seated. Once that was done, I headed "backstage" with the graduates and met up with a few of my D-Pi brothers. As we sat and awaited the line-up we all talked, I took a short nap, and listened to some music. They started getting the procession together and taking everyones picture. Then we heard the announcement on the other side of the curtain and the roar of the crowd. Everything was just buzzing and full of excitement as we walked through the concourse to the field. As we got closer, you could notice that everyone was on their cell talking to their parents trying to find themselves for pictures :) It was so funny. I was getting backstage video footage from one phone and talking to my mom on another, lol. It was so exciting to walk on to that field with everyone. We were seated, we did the nat'l anthem, then Andrew Young spoke. He's a really good speaker, and his speech was quite motivational. So was Pres. Patton's. Eventually, they had us stand for commencement. It really takes the video to show the excitement and energy. When Pres. Patton had us "move our tassels from the right to the left" everything just erupted. It was so great. Then we all sat down and they started doing the individual schools. Of course, they saved the best for last... Ryan and I pulled out some dollar bills, and when Pres. Patton said "...alll undergraduate student from the J. Mack Robinson C...." our whole section just blew up. Like I said- you have to see the video to understand how awesome it really was.

So there was a bit more ceremony and it was over. I called my mom, only to find out that they all left early. And I'd just like to say to all of them, for the record, that was trifling. Just plain trifling. And, of course, my mother had my keys, so not only did they leave me there - they left me stranded there. I wasn't gonna let it ruin my day though. They came back and I got my keys and went back to the apartment with my lil cousin and the High Lady, and changed clothes.

Theres a very, very nice guy who lives across the street from my mother (he's an awesome painter too) who volunteered to do all the BBQing. The weather stayed nice, despite bad weather reports an we all cooked out outside and took lots of pictures. The food was delicious.

The high Lady and I returned to my apartment after I took her through Orchard Knob to see all the nice houses, and we went straight to sleep lol. Both of us were dead tired from the day. I woke up because it was too early for me to go to bed, so I did some misc. things. She woke up later and we laid in the bed and talked for a while and then went to bed for the night. I took her back and saw everyone off from my mom's apartment in the morning and then it was time for Mother's Day. It was great having everyone there.

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