Net it Out, and its All Good!

So the drama with NRI (now FRI) is over and done with. How'd it go down? Well, day after she gave me the unofficial boot, she text me as if everything was cool, asking what I was doing. Well I happened to be on the phone with The Former (now a Lady again...read on) catching up. So I replied "I'm on the phone, catching up." To which she replied "Probably with your ex, dont know why I even bothered..."

And so begins the magnificent court-worthy battle of text messages as to the nature of my relationship with the Former, and the blog post about her voice "soothing me," and so on. So she just keeps telling me this story about how things are with me and the Former, and I keep telling her what's ACTUALLY going on (a.k.a. the truth)... I mean, this IS my movie. I wrote it, I know how it goes. Me and the Former started talking (like conversation, not romantically) again. I was upset over FRI's sickness (which, mind you, she still has not acknowledged...), and I called the Former because she's my best friend and know exactly how to make me feel better, which is exactly what she did. I don't have feelings for her like that anymore (well, read on...), I just needed a friend - a female one because none of my male best friends would have provided the emotional support that I needed at that time, not to mention none of them gave a damn about FRI because she Menos'ed them (read on...). So anyways, I was upset, I called my friend, she made me feel better. Yes I did used to love her, but if you go back in the script to how that ended, you can clearly understand that that's no longer the case. She was at one time a love interest, but she has always been (and always will be) a friend. So was I wrong for calling her? Was I wrong for being honest that she made feel better? I don't think so... you tell me.

Anyways, she refuses to believe me and I'm starting to lose my patience with the whole thing. I had been laughing it off because it was just interesting to see a Drama Queen in action. I couldn't believe it - I mean the writing on the wall (or, the blog I should say) couldn't have been clearer. So she goes on and on, and then she does the unthinkable: she called me liar. Yes. Yep. Mhmm. A liar. Me... laughing stopped, patience lost, serious matter. So I asked her to point out the lie, tell me what I lied about, and you know what she does... "Dont worry about it we're done..." type of thing. Needless to say, I got pissed, shortly regained my composure, and left her with some... professional... words and left her to be.

Now with that, I was done, and relieved, except for one thing: The Menos. The Menos is FRI's personal MySpace deletion army. When FRI gets pissed and you don't perform to her expectations, the Menos come'a'marchin' to haul you right out of her MySpace world of existance which parallels her real life. Now I've seen the Menos in action before (remember I said none of my friends cared for her... yeah). So, I sent messages to her two cousins, who I had become good friends with (before she was NRI), just to tell them I hope we still stay friends.

Now, lets break from that for a bit to get some sunshine through the rain. Simultaneously, as NRI becomes FRI, I was undergoing heavy peace talks with the Former. We had been catching up and talking and texting ever since FRI was sick, and so I began to think: maybe it was time to see if we can put this back together. In talking to her those few days, I realized just how awesome of a friend she really was to me. How great it was to talk to her. How much I still cared about her. So we kept talking all the way through the breakup... had a good laugh over how stupid the whole thing was...

Cut back to FRI - So that was over, the Menos eventually came...

Cut back to the Former... So after settling with FRI, I decided I was ready to bring the Former back. I think we had enough time apart to realize how much we meant to each other and to better ourselves for interacting with each other. But there was one thing I had to be clear on, to mentally prepare myself for her being a part of my life - so I asked her: "Is there a chance that you will ever love me as I loved you back then."

[*gasp*... dramatic pause... symphonic buildup]

Her answer was a 7-8 page text message. Now rewind back to the death scene, when she walked away crying, leaving my dead, lifeless body on the floor in a pool of black ink, leaking from my broken heart (deep.. i know right!?). Now take that text message and add it to her script right after I ask "Why?". Perfect. It was exactly the answer I needed. Everything made so much sense. I couldn't believe it. I knew it all the long, but I never thought she'd actually say it. I almost cried I was so happy. And with that, ladies and gentlemen, the Former is no more. But neither is the Princess. We talked about what was, what is, and what could be, and agreed that we're not going to repeat the last 10 years (especially not the latter part of it). I am delighted to say the she has been welcomed back, formally, as a High Lady of the Court. Hmm... one day, I should really explain that whole title system... but for now just know that a High Lady is the highest title a female constituent of mine can have - essentially they are the best of the best of my female friends. Exciting, isn't it =D

Now, finally the last of FRI: her two cousins are still my friends, which I'm very happy for. (I don't want to put them on sides, but I honestly think they understand where I'm coming from, even just a lil bit). And a good friend of mine, Kalil, introduced me to PlentyofFish.com - a GREAT FREE online dating site. Completely Free. With all the features. And lot's of people. So I've got some prospects there, and have just generally met some cool females.

So I lost FRI - ah and lets change her name from "The One that Could Have Been" to "The Drama Queen" - after that episode, it's SO much more fitting. And plus, she really couldn't have been...

I kept two good friends, regained my High Lady, and met some cool new friends.

Net it out, and its AAAAALLL GOOOOOD!

Stay tuned - there should be some new adventures in dating coming up soon, plus the last 3rd of the semester b4 graduation, and some New M stuff.

Ciao ciao people,

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