My Commitment to You, the Viewer

So in light of recent drama (exciting, huh), I'd just like to be sure that everyone (yes, all 2 of you) who reads this blog has a full understanding of what it is.

This is real. Everything that happens. If it's something deep, it's what on my mind or form my heart. I do not edit anything out, other than peoples names. I don't go back and censor or change posts, other than editing grammar (sorry im an addicted proof reader).
Because this is personal, there might be somethings in here that aren't clear because it's an inside thing - but most things are explained as clearly as possible while still protecting peoples identities. I write because it makes me feel better, and so I have written records of the lessons I've learned and to give people a little more introspect as to why I am how I am.

I hope you all (all 2 of you) enjoy following this story. I try to tell it as best I can. If theres anything that's left out that you'd like explained, post a comment about it. I'll either reply with the answer, or say I can't say.

100% real - that's my commitment to you, the viewer.

Stay tuned, and enjoy the show.


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