Crank that Graduation, then put your Diamonds up!

Got my graduation ticket today, ordered my cap and gown. It's on a poppin! (I hope).

Then I took my Geog lab final early because, well...


Thanks to my little, I had seats 15ft. from the stage to the Jay and Mary Heart of the City show here in Atlanta. And man was it just spectacular. Mary puts on a great show, and Hov is just... he's Hov. Special guests included Jeezy and Diddy. And in the front row of course you spot quite a few celebrities. Sightings included Tyler Perry, girls from Xscape (tall light skinned one with short hair, I wonder if she's single, cuz she was BAD!), Cee Lo, Jazze Pha (sup Jazze!), some girl from a making the band, and others. It was just an amazing show. I did live updates throughout via Twitter - see them here (updates start April 8th at 10:11AM, just scroll back thru the archives.)


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