Lupe's Gold Watch... and more.

So I head the song by Lupe Fiasco "Gold Watch." It's basically a song about all the things that he likes, and there's a huge listing of foreign and luxury brands (mostly the second verse). So I figured I'd find out what all's in Lupe's closet by analyzing the verse and looking up everything he talks about. Here are the results:

Let's peruse the essential of cool
A brief study of the things so instrumental to you
That make me feel flyer than lobbies of W's
A disclaimer just a rhymer
no credentials from a school now

[ Lupe Fiasco: ]
In my Fall of Rome jeans, my Head Quarter wallet
My Neighborhood shirt and my Eddie Chen CLOT shit
Might not go to college but my street smart polished
Like the black finger nails of
that punk rock logic
Do the knowledge, man you can't
be punked from projects
Firm disbeliever in your punch clock promise
Was trading off my comics I was
taking them to school
One of Jay-Z boys now I'm skatin in your pools
Not to be rude I'm just hatin on your ruse
Like a young 50 I'm on my world tour
Good morning Singapore I'm
bringing the sun with me
From the Robert Taylor Homes
to African slum cities
I am American mentally with Japanese tendencies
Parisian sensibilities so
stay out the vicinity of

[ Bridge: ]
[ Chorus: ]

[ Lupe Fiasco: ]
I like Diptyque candles and Maharishi sandals
And Dita sunglasses , purple murder service samples
I like False t-shirts
Dover Street is off the handle
Such a good designer Junya Watanabe god damn you
I like Yohji Yamamoto and a Max Roach solo
Leather Gucci belts and Guilty Brotherhood polos
I like Mont Blanc pens and Moleskine paper
I like Goyard bags and green Now-n-Laters
Monocle magazines and Japanese manga
Futura Nosferatu and HTM trainers (??)
I love Street Fighter 2 I just really hate Zangief
only Ken and Ryu I find it hard to beat Blanca
I keep a wee ninja hanging and a
Unkle album banging
If you negative in energy then stay out the vicinity of...

[ Chorus: ]
[Third verse]

That took almost 2 hours to research, but it was worth it! Have fun browsing all the brands! If you see any mistakes, or if you can find something about HTM trainers, comment!


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