Easter Weekend Update

First off happy belated Easter,

Second heres what the ideal weekend would have looked like:
Friday: get filming equipment, film Dormroom Chef, talk to new romantic interest on the phone.
Saturday: edit, meeting, film The Brown Table that night, leave shoot and go surprise new romantic interest @ VIP club party I'm not supposed to be at.
Sunday: rest, dump tapes, edit, Easter dinner with Mom, first date with new romantic interest & much deserved R&R for both of us.

Now here's how it happened:
New romantic interest tells me I'm meeting the WHOLE family on Wednesday. Moms, dads, sisters, brothers, everybody. Now a couple of lines above you'll notice that Sunday is the first date... yeah... So okay that's cool, I'm awesome they'll love me. Shortly after that, for an unknown reason, she was upset all day long. Couldn't do anything to cheer her up so I was bummed. She finally gets up with her friends in the evening and feels better, I'm happy. That night, we filmed 3 new episodes of DormRoom Chef. I was tired as all getout after so I lay down. Now, what's special about Friday? Former's birthday. So @ 2AM I call to wish her happy birthday and she picks up the phone. We talked for almost 2 hours - a record since we ended last summer. Good conversation too, like we used to have. Surprisingly enough, I was cool - not standoffish, not head over heals... I just felt happy, natural. So at sporadic times throughout this conversation, new romantic DDs me from the club screaming her love for me... cute. She calls later, after I finish talking to the Former, and we talk for a bit... decent conversation (which she didnt remember any of... go fig). Sleep, finally.

Saturday, it starts downhill.
So the new romantic interest was mad earlier last week because I couldn't make her huge VIP birthday bash Saturday, because we had to shoot The Brown Table. Well, I found out that the shoot got pushed up and I would be able to make it. So i decide (being the hopeless romantic I am) to surprise her and show up at the party. Had it all planned out - my buddy was going in early, and I would just give him a call and get navigated to the party when I got there. Right... So he hits me up early in the day Saturday and says that theres a VIP list, and so he told her that I was planning on coming after the shoot. She gets mad... again. *sigh* So, me and buddy wait all day to find out if we can still go to the party - end up we can't. Bummer. And she's still mad at me, mind you. But I knew that all her family and friends would soon rid her of that, so okay. So we had a great shoot that night and had a lot of fun. Sleep. (not much) Oh wait, forgot to mention, earlier that day mom canceled Easter dinner... yeah.

Sunday, I had to wake up early to take my partner his camera plate for his church tripod he left here. Got some McDonald's hotcakes on my way back home and started my day with some MySpacing. So today I'm totally psyched right because it's first date day! We had been talking about it all week. It was her demanded birthday present since I couldn't make her party, which I gladly obliged. Her idea. She was excited about it (at least thats the vibe I got) and I was excited about it. Plus, what better way to wind down a super-busy weekend then hugged up on your new boo, getting to know her, right? Right. And since mom canceled dinner, I can cook a nice dinner for us. And you know me - I go all out to make someone I like feel special. So I had a very nice dinner planned, and a awesome surprise for her for dessert. So I txt her and ask what time shes planning on coming over so I know what time to start prepping food. You can guess what happened next... she's not coming. Wants to spend time with family and friends who are in town for her birthday. Which I can understand, but heres my thing: she knew they were going to be there when she made the date. I hate being stood up, because I shake up the bottle of romantic energy and think im going to uncork it... it's like the biggest letdown... it's literally painful to me. So yeah. I'm upset. And what makes it worse is the family dinner that I was looking forward to now can't happen because we haven't been on a date. Her mom pushed back a flight home to invite me to dinner. And I love meeting moms, I always get along with them. So that chance is gone. Man was I ever upset. Not mad - upset.

So the viewers at home are getting tired of this scene coming up in the movie by now I'm sure. M has a girl and he tries to control himself but cant help it and goes all out and gets let down in the end. I know, I honestly cant help it. But this one, I think, is genuine. The only thing is, she's moody. Little rash too... And I'm trying to deal with it... but I know me and I know I don't really do well with moody. Especially if it's the "Now I wanna see you, now I don't" type of moody. I'm a loving person, I love to love and be romantic. But it seems like it gets me screwed every time... I'm hoping it's different this time... but then again I hope it's different every time.

So later in the day (yes, the story goes on) I call my ex to see what she's up to because I was going to bring her out to dinner with my mom since she hadn't seen my lil sis in a while. So I call her, then call my mom and guess what... Easter dinner is on and "I just forgot to tell you." Wow. I'm totally invisible today, huh. Well what time is dinner? 4 (its 3:58 while im on the phone hearing this). Right. So no I'm not going, I call my ex back - dinner @ 8. kRma txts me later and says he wants to do something, so we end up having a nice friendly dinner @ Longhorn, after playing some much needed Rockband. So, after I was feeling much better - but the best was yet to come. I pull out of Longhorn to take my ex back home, and as I pull into the turning lane what comes rolling ever-so-slowly past be but a royal blue Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. You should have seen the look on my face. "Lamborghini!, Lamborghini!" It was cool. So driving, driving, through the W-E Paces tour, nice houses, etc... and as soon as I pull out into Buckhead, what's parked in front of the shops but a maroon Lamborghini Gallardo... I was floored. Exotics are like shooting stars to me. If you see one, its a sign of good luck and good fortune to come. They were a beautiful addition to what was otherwise emotionally trashing day. So I come home, and have a Macho Manly Movie-night Madness with the roommate - we watched Shoot Em Up (one of the greatest man movies of all time, IMHO). Good times, good times.

I'm so glad I have such great friends. If I have nothing else, I have great friends. And I love them all and I thank you all for being there for me, and always being able to turn the worst days into good days.


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