Let's have an update, shall we?

Yep! We need an update. Before I start getting busy again, we need an update.

New M is to blame for the lack of postings, but if you're following along there, you haven't missed too much :) We're about to do our second filming session, and people are responding very well to the first videos. If you haven't checked out Dormroom Chef and The Brown Table, what are you waiting for!? We need your support and feedback :)

School's moving right along. May 10 baby! Hope to see all of my family for graduation. I really miss all of them, especially on my mom's side because I don't get to see them very often. When the company becomes successful, I think I might VLog myself going on a family reunion trip to see everyone. That would be cool.

And that brings us to relationships. Well, it hasn't been all bad. It hasn't been all good. It's been kinda neutral. That one from back in December, gone - don't know if I mentioned that in the last update, but she dropped off the face of the earth. ./shrug - the one that got away I guess. There was a new interest, who actually approached me, but things were a bit too complicated with that. Great new friend though! So I have a new pursuit in mind, if I can get the time (courage) to ask her out. Two actually. So, we'll see I guess.
Ah! That reminds me... the former Princess. Yes, her. I had some very interesting communication with her about my graduation. Some thoughts and feelings, and truths were put into the air, so we'll see where that goes. (Nowhere THAT far is my guess, but at least maybe we can get back to talking to one-another again.)

Sorry no picture updates, haven't been out much. I saw a nice looking african american lady driving a Maseratti yesterday - but I didn't want to just blatantly take a picture. She was cute though, and the car fit her very well. I think i might consider one of those for mom :) Either that or a Bentley sedan. We'll see. I've also seen a black and a yellow Gallardo, both moving too fast for me to even get my camera out. And lastly, a red 430 was pulling out of the Starbucks near me.

Speaking of cars, my she-monster broke down on me on first filming weekend :( But I got her fixed day-of, and still made it to the set :) Thanks to Mr. Ron for that!

Well, I've got editing and data backup to do =/.


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